Reclaiming Blingdenstone

The Drow Wight

After entering the house, we came upon a stinking pile of refuse. It seemed to be of little concern, until we began to move towards the door on our left. A handful of fiery glowing eyes erupted from the heap as a flurry of pincers snapped at our heels. We quickly dispatched of them, however, thanks to my blasts of lightning and clever wits.

The rest of the house was a series of winding corridors, a few simple traps, and some pathetic excuses for monsters – which were no match for my vast knowledge and quick reflexes – right up until we reached the throne room. Finally! A challenge!

Alas, it was not so. A smattering of undead were no match for my companions after the dwarf blasted them with a sonic boom, and we took out the remaining “king” wight with no trouble at all (I didn’t even bother to fight beyond a single bolt of lightning.) We retrieved the crown we had seeked, and after a short study of it I found that it had some magical properties…I must find the item it is linked to and discover their secrets!

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